Cath and Greg Adventures in Brazil – The First Daze

Hola dudes,

In honour of our arrival in Sao Paulo I have composed the following ditty:


Finally arriving in Sao Paulo we’re frazzled, its warm, dark, busy and wet,

Taxi driver points out the favellas, inside the slums a sticky end is apparently to be met,

Ayrton Senna style driving across town, what’s one more hour after 30 in the plane,

In comedy English, man at front desk informs us there’s no booking in our name,

Phrase book in hand we convince him this really is our home for half a year,

At last we get into our apartment, its funky and furnished but somewhat bare

18 stories up, big balcony, polished floors, shiny mirrors, all covered in builders dust,

I think the fantasy cleaner is is looking like a must,

Reality sets in, we are finally here, its dark outside, still raining and real warm,

Even at 2am the traffic above us and below us is still moving in a swarm,

Time to write this down, mental note to self for next time we emigrate,

We should arrive after our boxes, sleeping on bed with no sheets ain’t so great,

First SP morning we wake up, jet lagged brains note there’s nothing in our kitchen,

Greg needs his morning shot of coffee so hurry up this ain’t no time for bitching,

Restaurant in our block is closed, Brazilian breakfast is all finished,

So we jump in cab to shopping mall, again Senna inspired driving ain’t diminished,

First SP meal in a sizzler style barbecue joint,

I don’t care what I eat, filling my belly is the only point,

First day spent shopping, need an iron, cereal bowls, and something for Cath to wear,

Again the missing boxes, Caths off to work tomorrow, and we cant have her going bare,

First impressions of the locals, they have great tans and great teeth,

Tight clothes, mean not much imagination required to know whats underneath,

Not much English being spoken, phrase book already looks dog eared,

Thankfully a lot of patience on their part mean some hurdles have been cleared

First Monday morning arrives and Caths nervously off to work in new suit,

Gregs off down to the gym, with all the Christmas weight to boot,

First breakfast on the balcony, then off for a wander around to see our new home,

Just three security guards between me and the street, am I not meant to roam?

All around us apartment towers being built at least 20 stories high,

Older apartment towers being knocked down – less than 10 stories you must die,

Like Hard hatted beavers construction workers toiling in the heat all day,

Lunch time comes and their sleeping on the footpath where the lay,

Shops are much the same selling this and that but with fronts open to the air,

The ultimate in luxury, you can drive your car right in there,

Supermarket is good fun, a little bit of Italy, Portugal and Spain,

Only 100 metres from our apartment, I think I will be there again and again,

First impressions are all gathered, first day at work, first shopping trip, first coffee shop,

so this the place where I ought to stop.


So thats it till later, more news as it comes to hand!

Take care, lots of love

G & C





One Response to GregAndCathsAdventures

  1. Kath says:

    Thanks for that Greg was an amazing insight into your life!!! Take care!!!

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