Juicy, sweet and damn ugly, its fruit and vegies – brazilian style…

the fruit and vegies over here have been a very pleasant surprise, sure they aint the prettiest things to come out of the big brown earth, but damn they are tasty…. going to the supermarket has become exciting again as i try and buy one of everything just to see if all the fruit and veges aree equally tasty – and i can hereby declare they are, here are few of my fruity highlights:
onions – make you cry, and cry and cry – even when they are just left on the bench cut up, they still make you cry – just like when i was a kid…
cherries – sweet delicious, dark cherry coloured goodness
carrots – still green at the top, and with that sweet new carrot taste in the middle – the very core is even sweeter
snow peas – you still need to pull that stringy bit out before you eat em, but they are sweet and crunchy
watermelon – its full of seeds, but who gives a damn when its dark red, sweet and you cant stop eating it???
rockmelon – ditto – but its not red of course
the list just goes on and on, the garlic stinks like hell, the egg plant still has a bit of chewy edge to it – its all good, damn ugly but tasty – the way vegies used to be.
we have also discovered a few new vegies, on is a kind of pulped coconut which is great in a stir fry and the other is the meaty bits out of the middle of a palm tree – delicous in salad.
probably the most exciting thing in the fresh food department has to have been the limes – cheap as chips, like 60p a kilo – but no lime is complete without a brazilian lime juicer, i dont know how the western world has managed to function without these, but they make squeezing limes pure simplicity – imagine a giant garlic press – supersized to cater for limes and lemons (i cant find a picture of them on the internet which makes me think its some kind of brazilian consipracy to stop us from making brazilian cocktails).
speaking of which, its once again capriahana time

2 Responses to Juicy, sweet and damn ugly, its fruit and vegies – brazilian style…

  1. Aaron says:

    That lime juicer sounds awesome. I have difficulty juicing limes as they tend to be smaller , harder and difficult to hold than lemons. I wonder if they are organic fruits?

  2. Lisa says:

    Tim and I totally agree about the lime juicer! We have one from our travels in Mexico. You can get overly fancy coloured ones on US sites http://www.williams-sonoma.com/products/sku7662000/index.cfm?pkey=xsrd0m1%7C16%7C%7C%7C0%7C%7C%7C%7C%7C%7C%7Cjuicer&cm%5Fsrc=SCH

    Loving all the posts!

    Lisa & Tim

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