damn it, have to take another work trip…

So we are off tomorrow on a one week work trip – Caths work, my shirk, we are in Bogota, Colombia for Saturday – Wednesday, then Caracas, Venezuela for the rest of the week. Then hoping to have an overnight trip to one of Venezuela’s many Caribbean islands for the weekend. Then back in SP for work/shirk monday morning.

I know its a tough life, but someone has to do it.

We don’t know much about our destinations except Bogota is the safer of the two cities – apparently thanks to a very progressive tax regime – whereby you can specify what you would like your tax dollars to be spent on, Bogota has undergone a massive renovation of the last couple of years and is now one of South Americas most livable cities. It sounds like Caracas and the whole of Venezuala under the control of the ever entertaining Mr Chavez has gone in the other direction and the economy is in something of a melt down…

So it sounds like fun. More news from the road – if we can get on the net!

Have a fun weekend



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