Remember there’s no such thing as one drink in Mexico….. Aka drunking in Mexico City

This is how it was explained to us:

There’s no such thing as one drink, so the first drink never counts,

The second drink only counts for a 1/2 a drink,

The third drink only counts for 3/4 of a drink,

The fourth drink makes it up to one drink,

And as we just learnt the first drink never counts, so you are back to zero drinks again….

This is my kind of country.

We went for dinner with some of Caths’ workmates, we got taken to a very posh Mexican restaurant after work, and our hosts sat us down and then said: right shall we have some tequila?

Now I will be the first to admit that I don’t mind a drink, seven years of living in the world’s largest pub – London means I am quite comfortable with my ability to down a drink or two, but I have never started an evening off with shots of tequila, tequila usually comes (if it ever comes) very, very late at night just before my mind goes blank and I forget where I live.

But being the polite lad that I am I of course said yes to our host and suddenly our table was seemingly covered in shot glasses, one for the tequila and one for the chaser, a very spicy virgin Mary mix of tomato and tobasco sauce. So luckily you don’t have to shoot it, sipping is normal, but at quite a rapid pace.

So you know how the rest of the story goes, one tequila, two tequila, three tequila… floor. Well almost, I explained to our host that I need to have some beer to chase the tequila – and stop my head spinning, three shots of tequila without food when you are on your best behaviour is not a good idea. We talked about tequilas reputation in our country and explained that Jose Cuervo usually appears very late at night, smacks you in the head and ensures you have a killer hangover.

They very amused to hear that we drunk José Cuervo as its considered so crap over here it’s not even stocked in most bars, our host explained that he would be quite happy to use it to wash his car but that was about all.

The tequila we drunk was actually quite nice, but not nice enough that I am a converted tequila drinker, but still it was very nice, a lot smoother than what we are used to, but still lets not joke about it, drinking shots before food is seldom a good idea.


4 Responses to Remember there’s no such thing as one drink in Mexico….. Aka drunking in Mexico City

  1. Aaron says:

    Ah tequila I ‘remember’ drinking tequila after a school formal just like soft drink well that was what I was told. Last time I drank tequila……

  2. Greg Newman says:

    this post has generated a lot of people mentioning the excessive amounts of tequila at Caths 21st – i think thats the last time i drunk it!

  3. Aaron says:

    Ohh I’m impressed you managed to drink it again. I can only now just stand the smell of bourbon after my 18th birthday. I have recollections of that night I think……..

  4. chewdog says:

    I agree with ?Pancho?, tequila should only be used to wash your car or wheelie bins!

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