An adventures blog with no adventures…

So Craig and Janine have gone back to London, Easter has come and gone and we are now back in Sao Paulo with no more holidays planned in the near future… this doesn’t bode well for excitement and adventure now does it?

So I am not sure what I am going to fill the pages of our blog with except for the not so exciting stories of our day to day life in Sao Paulo. So here goes….

Today I did some washing, flooded the laundry, and well, um, er… no this probably isn’t going to work is it….

I promise I will be back tomorrow with something exciting to say…

I am of course open to any suggestions….

Till then see ya!



2 Responses to An adventures blog with no adventures…

  1. Aaron says:

    Damn right you had better come up with the goods. This is much more important than some manual you are writing. How high did the flood go? Are we talking Noah? I am an adrenalin junkie Greg I need this excitement in my life. How about how things work in SP? I don’t know I didn’t start a blog promising Adventures 🙂

  2. Greg Newman says:

    i am on the job dude, considering rebranding our blog as “greg and caths ordinary existence” so we dont set expectations too high

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