Another trip downtown, this time with a camera!

Last week our good friends Pesty and Spanner (aka Piero and Ana) were in town, for those who know and love them they are once again roaming the world and we were lucky enough to host them for a while on their way to Manaus in the middle of the Amazonian rain forest.

Like most people their only experience of SP was a brief stop over at the not so lovely airport, so Greg took them so see some of the sights around town before we headed for the coast for the weekend. Of course no visit to SP is complete without a trip to the Mercado Municipal to try the awesome bacalhau pastel and our newest treat – some real Brasilian chewing tobacco, which was just as horrible as you imagine it will be.

Piero had his trusty camera with him, so he got these great snaps around the market, the crazy 25th of March street and the quite nice if a bit shabby downtown business area which i know you are all dying to see!

mercardo municpial sao paulo

Mercardo municipale

carving the cod

carving the cod – fresh bachlau

if this place doesnt make you hungry, you probably have a dodgy south american belly!

The italian bread man – who wouldnt buy something off this bloke?

take a break boys, yeah just there is fine…

the very erie abandoned office building across the road from the market

25th of March street – possibly the worlds craziest market – from nasal hair trimmers to samba costumes and carpets..

brasilians love a bargain!

Greg and Piero trying to blend in among the locals…

some of the beautiful buildings in the business district of downtown

the beautiful main boulevard

4:00 – the start of the rush hour(s)……


One Response to Another trip downtown, this time with a camera!

  1. Ray Adkins says:


    The erie building you took a picture is not an office building, it is an old residential building from the 50’s and it isn’t abandoned, it is empty, in the process of being demolished.
    Like many other building you might have seen in old downtown, they are usually being emptied slowly and will be demolished to be replaced with new real state development.
    The downtown area is going under a complete revovation phase with tax incentives from the city and from the state of Sao Paulo.

    Take care

    Ray Adkins

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