Six months in –you know it had to happen – Greg falls victim to street crime.

24 June, 2008

Yep we all knew it would eventually happen, unfortunately i never imagined it would happen quite like this…..

You see rather than being violently assaulted by some gun toting maniac, Greg was back in London arranging shipping of the last bits of our belongings over here to Sao Paulo!!!

He was staying near Clapham Common with Carey and Lou (thanks dudes!) when some dodgy crack head swindled him out of his pocket change using the age old trick of asking for change for the phone.

Though he only got away with about five pounds (and Greg feeling more than a little embarrased), the irony of being “robbed” in London after travelling around South America and living in Sao Paulo for six months was certainly pretty funny!

Though the statistical chances of being a victim of crime are definitely higher in Brazil, that’s possibly not the whole story. For example according to Wikipedia (the Brazilian government doesn’t release crime statistics) last year Brazil had 24 murders per 100,000 residents, New Zealand had 1.2 murders per 100,000 people, Australia 1.53 and the UK 2.03. So there is no doubt that there is more crime in Brazil, but i don’t think that its spread as equally across the community in Brazil as it is at home.

In Brazil from what we have picked up from watching TV and in the print media the majority of crime happens in the poorest parts of the country. The slums/favelas that surround most of the cities in Brazil are effectively un-policed, a combination of local gang control, police corruption and a simple lack of police resources means that the poorest people in Brazil have no real recourse to legal protection.

It is interesting to note that New Zealand has one of the highest numbers of reported crimes of any country in the world. Kiwis reported 12,000 crimes per 100,000 people according to the latest statistics on maps of the world coming in third after Iceland and Sweden.

Possibly due to a lack of faith in the police forces of Brazil and the fact that crime statistics are rarely if ever reported one Brazilian professor has created a website allowing people to record details of the crimes they have fallen victim too, you can see these anecdotal crimes here on wiki crimes.

So we are glad to say Greg is now safely back in Sao Paulo!


all quiet on the western front….

11 June, 2008

Hey folks,

I know its been a while, but things are a bit quiet here in sunny Sao Paulo at the moment. Winter has set in – sometmes it barely gets to 20 degrees during the day – but we are just surviving.

Our initial six months in SP is almost up, but we are having so much fun in Brasil we have decided to extend for another year or two (but really anymore than a year is virtually forever right)!!

So we are going through the process of getting properly set up, finding a bigger apartment (with room for visitors), shipping all of our stuff over from england, buying a car, getting our portuguese up to scratch and getting Greg a real job.

Unfortunately all of this stuff (as well as Greg trying to get his book finished) means that theres not many adventures going on at the moment, so please bear with us..

The good news is that as we are staying longer, you now have another great reason to come and visit us in sunny Sao Paulo!!!

Also from November Qantas are going to start offering direct flights from Sydney to Buenos Aires – which is only three hours from Sao Paulo, aparently they offer cheap flights initially to get deman up – so start booking folks!

So watch this space, we will put up some information on our house hunting adventures as there is lots of people searching for information on setting up house in Sao Paulo. In the meantime i would suggest looking on where there is lots of good information on living in Brasil and Sao Paulo.

Hope all is well with you all!

Have fun

greg and cath