The book is finally published!

4 January, 2009

I am happy to announce that my book

Discover SAP ERP HCM

Discover SAP ERP HCM by Greg Newman

The first ever introductory guide to SAP HR is now published and available to purchase from SAP Press here: … duct=H2989

Though not the novel that lots of people where hoping for, its a high level introduction to all of the modules that make up the SAP Human Captial Management software including:
* E Recruitment
* Talent Management
* Learning Management
* Global Employee Management
* Personnel Administration
* Organizational Management
* Time and Attendance
* HCM Processes and Forms
And all the other parts that make up the HCM Solution.

Its not a config guide (apparently there is no market for a book on config?!?), but it does explain what all of the various parts of the system are supposed to do, the key terms and concepts that explain howdifferent modules work  and are integrated and provides case studies of companies that implemented the various modules and their experiences.

The book is perfect for people just starting out on SAP HCM implementation who would like to understand the potential of the system and also for experienced users and consultants who would like to expand their horizons and learn a little more about the other areas of HCM.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of my family and friends around the globe for their support and encouragement which was invaluable in getting the book finished!

Thanks a lot folks!

Ohh yeah and happy new year and merry christmas from Cath and I, 2009 is looking to be even more interesting that 2008 so look out for lots of upcoming adventures!