Leaving Town Sale

20 July, 2009

Well, all good things must come to an end, and after 18 fun months in Sao Paulo, we are suddenly moving to London.

Therefore we have the following items that we need to sell, if we weren’t leaving town, we wouldn’t be selling any of this, but the voltage is wrong for our destination. All of it is good working condition and relatively new.

Save yourself the pain of touring the shops and malls, buy everything you need to setup house in one swoop!

The items are available right now, from our house in Vila Nova Conceicao, if you are interested in any of them or you want to offer me a price for all of them, please send me an email at greg.newman@saphr.com or give me a ring on (11) 8439 9532

Washing Machine      Cost    R$1078           Buy it Now for    R$800

10 months old, Electrolux 10kg Turbo Rapido 110v, like new, does everything you need a washing machine to do!

Microwave Oven Cost    R$379             Buy it Now for    R$300

10 Months old, Electrolux 28L 1000Watts with grill function 127v, perfect for microwave lasagna!

Wet dry vacuum cleaner     Cost   R$280 Buy it Now for    R$200

2nd hand, Electrolux Wet/Dry 1300watt 110v, you spill it, this thing cleans it!

Large Fan Cost  R$200 Buy it Now for    R$100

2nd hand Arge Twister, 110v, powerful big fan, perfect for those balmy summer nights.

Toaster             Cost R$100        Buy it Now for $50

11 months old, Black and Decker, perfect for well, toast!

Iron & Board Cost       R$120 Buy it Now for    R$80

18 months old, Black and Decker Vapor Xpress 570, 110v and ironing board bought from the door to door sales guy, not a thing of beauty but does the job!

2 Cacti Cost       R$80 Buy it Now for    R$40

Age unknown, big fella is over 2 metres tall, little fella is at least 1.25 but catching up fast, 2 good looking happy and healthy cacti.

Our beautiful house is also up for rent, if you are looking for a large (340sq Meters) house with a swimming pool, 3 bedrooms, 2 sala de festas, 3 dining areas, large separate office, 7 bathrooms and maids quarters in Vila Nova Conceicao for around R$5,000 a month please let me know and I will put you in contact with the real estate agent.

Our super cleaning lady is also looking for a new job, so if you are looking for a hard working, honest, cleaner who is also a great cook please let me know and I will pass on her details to you.