We’re back!!

11 October, 2014

Day 14 of our Singapore adventure! And we thought it may be time to re-start the blog.

We returned from Brasil to London at the end of 2009. After almost five years, one cat, one child, one house purchase… Cath’s work gave us an overseas posting offer and using our usual decision making criteria of “why not” we packed our growing bags and headed off to Asia. Singapore to be precise.


Day 14 – and I wish that all my project status reports could read like this. The RAG status is “Green” with only a grey hue, representing the pollution in the air. But going on to my positive things…. So far we have achieved:
–         1 Employment Pass and 2 Dependent’s Passes in the air conditioned comfort of the Ministry of Manpower (even as a woman I get to register here)

–         1 house rented, with a new pool, 4 bedrooms, 4 years old, on the East Coast. Real Estate agents work hard here (and long hours). We have been blessed to have been recommended a lady who knew her stuff.


–         1 bank account, with internet banking, an ATM card and self-decided PIN number in – 45 minutes!!!! Absolutely, freaking, amazing. Imagine?????

–         And Cath has started work. In 2 hours with a new laptop, new blackberry, security pass, desk, working chair (bonus!) etc….

–         Reggie the cat has arrived, safe and sound, the shift to an apartment and the jetlag has been interesting for him, but we are hoping that he is treating it like a long holiday!!!


All in all, big thumbs up. I’m constantly wondering what is the catch?

But the biggest joy is seeing our daughter adapt to a new country. For months I agonized with having to dress her in layers of clothes, worrying about her stepping outside the front door and running onto a busy road, wondering if a restaurant “allows kids”, wondering if we can get onto a tube with a pram etc… I love London and I love the many friends we have made in London,  but having kids in London – it’s hard work.

Singapore welcomes children. From the unrequested non breakable plates / cutlery in restaurants, to the people (of all generations and gender) wanting to touch / play / entertain our daughter with genuine fondness and to watch Josephine swim everyday has made it worthwhile already.


Oh – and yes – it’s hot. It’s 33 degrees. At all times. Did I mention 33 degrees? This  won’t change. You just gotta deal with it.

So next week, we get to head back to Australia and New Zealand for a mini break…. and work for Cath …