Who’s been to visit our blog?

Just some information on who is visiting our blog and where they are from:


13 Responses to Who’s been to visit our blog?

  1. Aaron says:

    Brisbane Australia

  2. Shola Dairo says:

    Great and spectacular pictures.

    I will start working my way through getting a job in Brazil. Goodthings of life should be for all.

  3. Natasha Dau says:

    My husband and I are having some very similar experiences as the two of you are ie:

    We are from South Africa, have been here since December 2007 and are set to leave
    December 2008, my husband is on a 1 year contract that could possibly be renewed for up to 5 years.

    Sao Paulo and Brazil in general has not been that easy to adjust to, specifically the language and the stessfull driving conditions. We decided to buy a car (bravely) as the costs of buying a car are less than catching a taxi everyday, so we now have a small corsa that strangely enough does not have any scratches or dents in after 3 months of driving on these roads.

    When we arrived we stayed at a hotel in Itaim Bibi for 2 months, now we are living in a fairly large 2 bedroom apartment in Jardins that we negotiated to be fully furnished with the furniture of our chosing as appliances and furniture are very pricey here. This fortunately is included in the housing budget of my husband’s company for expats, if it was not I am sure we would be living in a much smaller, cheaper flat somwhere.

    Even though it is quite stressfull living in this city, South Africa does not seem to be doing too well at the moment with the weakening Rand, the violent attacks that are happening to foreigners and the Zimbabwe situation, so we are deffinately going to be here till December atleast and hopefully beyond.

    I look forward to reading your next insert.


  4. Caz says:

    What an amusing and informed blog you have created. Sitting in WTC Hotel (co provided) showing the hotel staff great photos of Aust (given that they all think that Melbourne and Sydney are next door to each other)
    Thought between my caipirinha’s (reminders of Bundy Rum here!!) I would check out what Aussies might have registered living in Sao Paulo. See that you haven’t posted for over a month – are you still here in SP?
    We are visiting to see if we can live here for 2 years . . . so far so good! Head back to Oz tomorrow & if coming back will be after a supposed Geelong & ? Grand Final of Aussie Rules . . . .
    Would be great to hear back from you . . .

  5. Carol says:

    My husband and I moved from Brazil (Rio, but I am from Sao Paulo) to Toronto one year ago and we have a similar blog, in Portuguese. We are already seeing things in Brazil a bit differently because of the distance, and it is really nice to see a foreigner’s view of the cities we know.

    Lovely blog to read! I’ll start commenting here and there too.

    By the way I’ve been in the UK twice. Love it love it love it.


  6. Molly says:

    This blog was awesome! I spent my entire afternoon at work reading it, not doing work 🙂 I am currently living in NYC and my boyfriend has taken a job in Sao Paulo and wants me to move down there soon. I am weighing the options. I think of it as both a terrifying experience and amazing opportunity, depending on the day. Do you guys still live in Sao Paulo? My main concern would be something to do with myself during the day. I have looked into a TEFL program that I might sign up for, so I could possibly teach English to begin. Anyways, I have millions of questions 🙂 Cheers.

  7. John Walker says:

    Este es un site muy cool sobre Venezuela. Todos estos webones se pueden mamar! Saludos Mamawebos!

  8. Cass says:

    Hi, thanks for the informative blog! My boyfriend and I are due to move to Sao Paulo this year so reading about life there through an expats eyes has been really helpful. I was hoping to perhaps ask you some further questions with regards to working in Brazil. My boyfriend is being transferred with work and I am hoping to be able to find some employment once I am there (although by all reports that may prove to be difficult!). If you could email me back I would very much appreciate it!

    Thanks again for the reading material, looks like we will have our work cut out for us but will be a great adventure all the same!


  9. arhiderrr says:

    Nice article

  10. Ken Kosh III says:

    It seems as though you had a lot of fun in Brazil. Thanks for the online tour. Enjoy your stays.

    – Ken

  11. andrew says:

    Hi, gr8 post thanks for posting. Information is useful!

  12. jaime says:

    Thanks for all the info, really useful to have particularly re: food and renting.
    You guys have inspired us to do our own blog about living here!

  13. Eric Raymond says:

    Your Blog is great, and I love your writing style! Very funny, and informative. My wife and I are thinking of moving to Sao Carlos, inland from Sao Paulo. We visit there in 10 days. I am American, my wife Slovenian. I have spent a lot of time in Mexico, Venezuela, and Argentina, so I know Spanish, but I am not sure how my wife will handle it. Your close call in Kenya must have been scary! We were thinking of going there, but now put off by the danger.
    Keep up the good work!

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